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At Rainmaker Solutions, we want to make a difference. We passionately believe technology should be something that enables our businesses to realise our greatest ambitions. But, for too many organisations, the reality is the opposite. They feel locked into complex, archaic, inflexible technologies that inhibit them, rather than being set free by intuitive and innovative solutions.

The Buffalo Foundation helps to empower disadvantaged people break out the cycle of poverty and associated social ills through the discipline of sport, supporting learning and further education  and creating better prospects for employment. However, the Foundation strives to not just create employable people but also future entrepreneurs.

HotChillee have specialised in organising endurance cycling holidays since 2004. Since then the worldwide HotChillee community has grown enormously, with the vibe and camaraderie creating inspirational experiences on and off the bike.

AWOL Tours is a leading outdoor travel specialist for hiking and bicycle tours in Cape Town, South Africa. We offer you opportunities for breath-taking and authentic interactions with the local community, an insight into the diverse history and the beauty of the nature surrounding us.

The Pedal Power Association is the largest recreational cycling organisation in South Africa. It has some 16 000 paid-up members; the largest component being in the Western Cape where the Association has its headquarters.

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